YOur Treatment Priorities

Your Treatment Priorities

There are times in your care where decisions about further treatment for your MTC need to be made you and your care team. The activity below can help you in identifying considerations that are important to you when making these decisions. To complete, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a number for each item to show how important that consideration is to you. 0 is ‘not at all important’ and 10 is ‘very important’. To learn more about an item, click the magnifying glass to the right of the statement.
  2. Select your top 4 priorities by clicking the box to the left of the item. You can choose up to 4 items.
  3. Download a PDF of your results with the button at the bottom of the page and share your thoughts with your doctor.

Pick Four

How important are the following considerations to you in treating your cancer?
Not at all important
Very important

How often you will have follow-up visits with your provider

Visits to see your provider(s), such as once a month, every 3 months, or 1 per year. Considerations such as travel and time away from home are associated factors.

Total duration of your follow-up visit

Amount of time spent at each follow-up visit. A follow-up visit includes labs, scans, visit with physician/providers, procedures. Consider total time for all parts, which can range from days to a week. Travel should also be factored in. Unexpected extensions to your visit may occur.

Whether insurance will cover the cost of care

When your health insurance company agrees that a medical service is covered in the terms of your policy. In some cases, insurance companies may not cover some aspects of care.

Additional costs of care

Costs that you may incur as a result of your care, such as hotels, transportation, and time off from work.

Getting your care at a Center of Excellence

Places that provide expertise and research for MTC often with a team approach. These are usually places that see many people with MTC. Some treatment options may only be available at centers of excellence.

Getting your care close to home

Consider if you would like to be treated at a facility located close to home.

How flexible the care schedule is

Some care plans require strict adherence to the predetermined treatment plan. Other care plans may allow for flexibility in timing and type of follow-up.

How long you will be on treatment

Length of treatment option. Some options are one-time events while others are ongoing and may last months to years.

How soon you can resume baseline activities

Length of treatment option. Some options are one-time events while others are ongoing and may last months to years.

How effective a treatment is

Some treatments have been proven to show benefit for patients with MTC while the benefits of other treatments are still being evaluated (such as within a clinical trial).

The types of side effects a treatment has

Unwanted or unexpected reactions to a treatment. Depending on the treatment, side effects may vary in terms of how long they last, how severe they are, and how many you experience.